Who would have thought that you could have a bison burger?

Yep, it’s quite possible. Now that we have your attention, let us give you a bit of a background to this groundbreaking news. Nope, it’s not quite the rolling thunder of over a hundred years ago when hundreds of bison roamed the US plains before our pioneers proceeded to harvest them en masse. The bison is a source of pride and it is part of our national heritage. And today, it is good to know that herds are being rounded up again.

Previously, bison herds had reached critically low levels. Fortunately, much has been done over the years to ensure that the bison is able to thrive once more over some of those vast plains that they used rule over. Today, there are no predators or viciously greedy hunters. There are only good custodians who care just as much as you may over ensuring that our national heritage remains intact. The herds are doing well again, so much so that we can feast on them once more.

Today, no matter where in the country your grocery stores or restaurants are located, you can order commendable volumes of bison burgers and give your regular clientele a surprisingly new treat. Doing this, you also improve your contribution towards offering your consumers organically sound and environmentally friendly food stocks. This is because the bison that is harvested, slaughtered and packaged is free of bacteria and antibiotics, and free of all hormones.

The bison meat source is also a lot healthier than your regular beef, even if these are also free range-produced. This is because the bison is naturally a lot leaner, although you wouldn’t think so, given their large and majestic size.

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